Topglassmurano , was born from the passion and love for the art of glass Muranese . An art handed down over the centuries, which resides in the heart of Venice, on the island of Murano. Art that develops in a multiple fusion of classic and modern design and color Venetian style . Work, tradition and innovation are the alphabet of our glass masters. Thus real works of art come to life. It does not end there, the glass also becomes a parchment on which to trace and engrave poems. The human experience and its philosophy handed down over the centuries. Art, work, passion, mark and cross these extraordinary objects. Our goal is to be able to reach every place in the world and export our product of excellent quality. Glass as a complement and enhancement of furniture that gives value and value to the whole context. The fusion of millennial art in the modern world. Whoever buys one of our chandeliers does not bring with them a simple object, but the history and passion of a tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. Our greatest joy is given by your joy of taking home a small part of Venice, a work of art that comes from the passion of Muranese craftsmanship.

Murano glass and pearl, light that descends from the clouds and shines on the opal green of the lagoon. The sun that plays brightly out of the clouds of smoke and alabaster is the fire that the glassmakers blow - it climbs the bridges, dyes brick churches, transforms everything it touches into art.