Lampadario Escovedo della Coronia - Top Glass Murano

Escovedo chandelier from Coronia

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A true work of light expertly created by hand in every detail by Murano master craftsmen, the Escovedo della Coronia chandelier can be placed wherever you want to illuminate and at the same time furnish with taste. With leaves in rose / 24K gold, Cups decorated in green and pink, with calla lily flowers in gold, the Escovedo della Coronia completes any type of environment in a classic style


The Escovedo della Coronia chandelier is available in the sizes:

03 Lights - Diameter: 45cm / Height: 50cm

05 Lights - Diameter: 70cm / Height: 75cm

06 Lights - Diameter: 70cm / Height: 75cm

08 Lights - Diameter: 85cm / Height: 85cm

10 Lights - Diameter: 95cm / Height: 90cm (on demand)

12 Lights - Diameter: 95cm / Height: 90cm (on demand)

Colors, sizes and number of lights can be customized to your liking; given the peculiarity of the product, please contact us for a free quote.

Each product is shipped by express courier 100% INSURED.