Lampadario Tiche

Tiche chandelier

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A true work of art, expertly created by hand in every detail by the great Murano glass masters, the Tiche Chandelier is an explosion of colors and majesty, it can be positioned wherever you want to illuminate and at the same time furnish with taste and pomp. Flowers of various colors in glass paste, leaves and cups decorated in pink and blue, bells and pendants in glass and glass paste of various colors, with shades of sea bream, the Tiche is a Rezzonico of other times, completes every type environment.


The Tiche chandelier is available in the sizes:

6 Lights - Diameter: 100cm / Height: 120cm

8 Lights - Diameter: 100cm / Height: 120cm

6 + 3 Lights - Diameter: 120cm / Height: 135cm (on request)

8 + 4 + 6 Lights - Diameter: 120cm / Height: 135cm

Colors, sizes and number of lights can be customized to your liking; given the peculiarity of the product, please contact us for a free quote.

Each product is shipped by express courier 100% INSURED.